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    • What a lovely comment! Thank you so much for your kind words, Rabbit (love your gravatar :-))
      We feel quite happy that we brought you some lovely memories! We’d love to see you around again soon.
      Love, Dina & Co


    • Thank you for your kind words, Nigel. Holt is a great little town, we do our shopping (at Budgens) there and I have been to Binham several times. I love the BIG tree on the grounds of the priory. 🙂
      Greetings from the Rhine Valley


  1. Mor’n
    Superb pix of Norfolk. I used to have a holiday home at a small place called Ingham, further south than where you were, but I know these places really well. You have truly captured the big wide open skies. I used to live just outside London and escape to Norfolk so I could breathe. We are really loving the stunning Norwegian Scenery as we start to make our way south from Lofoten.

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    • Good evening,
      thanks for commenting. Lofoten are great, aren’t they!
      We are happy that you like our pics and that you like Norfolk as well. We are living in the north of Norfolk at the coast.
      The Fab Four of Cley


  2. Wonderful photographs. We once stayed in Wells and wish to return one day, to walk some of the uplifting north Norfolk coast! (How can somewhere as flat as Norfolk be uplifting? Stimulating then!)

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  3. What a place to live!… Very nice compilation of photographs too. I can see why you like it. Then again, looking at all your other posts, I can tell that you also love getting around and seeing other parts 🙂 I used to travel SO much. Makes me want to pick it up later on again when my boys are older!

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